USI Burdette Trail

This three-mile paved trail is the result of a USI/Burdette Park partnership. It is a diverse, interesting, and educational route for hikers, bicyclists, and runners. The scenic trail allows users to witness Southwestern Indiana’s natural beauty while connecting a picturesque park with one of the nation’s most beautiful college campuses. The trail is a key connection to an area of river bottom land, with an additional 37 miles of paved roads currently signed for bicycle use south of Burdette Park. The USI-Burdette Park Trail is a designated destination point of the American Discovery Trail, which passes through Southern Indiana. The trail also has been named a National Recreation Trail by the Secretary of the Interior.

The trail begins at University Boulevard between the Physical Activities Center and the Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness Center, and also is accessible at trailheads to the side of the baseball field, at the Broadway Recreational Complex, and via a paved connecting path from the end of Rochelle Lane.

A map of the trail is available on USI’s website.

Upside Down House

The Fantasy House, commonly called the Upside-Down House, is a whimsical abode for children of all ages. Located in the Magical Garden, this topsy-turvy playhouse is surrounded by beautiful brooks and stone all while nestled against the backdrop of the park. This whimsical home was designed by USI Professor John McNaughton and constructed with the assistance of Don Wedeking, Carole McNaughton, and Reising Sons.

Coming Soon!

2 New Playgrounds

Two new play systems are being developed. One within the campground area and the other replacing the old Oasis Putt Putt course.

Projected Completion:
October 2023

Pickelball Courts

The current asphalt court, perimeter fence, and lights will all be replaced. Two of the existing tennis courts would be
converted to pickleball courts.

Projected Completion:
May 2024