What size are the tables at the Discovery Lodge?

Standard 8 foot banquet tables. 96 inches long x 29 inches wide  x 29 inches tall.

If I am renting the Discovery Lodge, what time can I get in to Decorate?

Burdette Park is a Municipally owned facility. Meaning all of our buildings can be rented the same day as the event. However if the Discovery Lodge is not rented the day before your event you may come in from 12pm-4pm CST for FREE and set up.

If the Discovery Lodge is rented the day before your event, you cannot enter the building until 10:00 CST the day of your event.

How old do you have to be to work for Burdette Park?

15 years of age with valid work permit.

If I’m wanting to view a shelter as a potential venue, how do I look at it before renting?

Bring a photo ID to the main office, if the building is not in use you may look inside.

If I am needing a tour of the Discovery Lodge, how do I view it?

Call the Burdette Park Main Office to schedule an appointment to view the lodge.

Can I bring coolers into the Aquatic Center?

No. Coolers are not permitted at the Aquatic Center.

What can I use for my wedding send off?

No sparklers, rice or any other pyrotechnics. Bubbles are permitted.

How far out can I make a reservation?

All day buildings, chalets, and pool party rooms can be rented a year to date. The Discovery Lodge can be rented 2 years to date.

How do I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation online at burdettepark.org, calling the Main Office at 812-435-5602, or In person at the Burdette Park Main Office.